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'Bear me' series Co-Producers

ep 02_Friends

It's on! (Alan!)
I"m getting a little bit stressed! Shiuuu, time is running so fast!   
We start Production of the 'Bear me' series in a month! We finished storyboards, 
now polishing animatics and drawing backgrounds (lots of backgrounds...)

I'm happy to announce that the animation will be realized in Gdansk through Grupa Smacznego! http://g-s.pl/Grupa Smacznego! on Facebook    
Brilliant  animators, great crew, in an awesome city - I can't wait!

Color grading and FX will be done in Badi Badi - http://www.badibadi.com/
and O.K.O. FX Studio. I've already seen the magic - Color grading in Badi Badi :)

Sound for 'Bear me' series, narration and music will be realized in Studio Spot - http://studiospot.pl/ 
StudioSpot on Facebook, Łukasz Targosz will take care of the music! 

From the legal side support us Firma Prawnicza LSW  http://www.lsw.com.pl

And all of this great studios - people, were gathered and befriended by my producer, Grześ Wacławek from Animoon Studio.   Thanks! :)

'Bear me' series is  co-financed by the Polish Film Institute -  http://www.pisf.pl/en/

As soon as, I have a good feelin' about it :) 
I mean series. Production. We have good, talented, crazy on their ways people. With passion, flow, sens of humor (very important) and maybe the most important, people who believe in the Bear Story. I hope that the first season will be as good as it seems to be :)

More news soon. Stay tuned!

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