piątek, 25 stycznia 2013

'Bear me' series...

Hi, my name is Lili and... I don't know if I told you that 'Bear me' is going to be realized as a series...

Yes, eight months ago, after the polish premiere of 'Bear me' on Lodza po Wisle 2012, I met Grześ Wacławek, the producer from Animoon Studio. He got an awesome idea to make a series out of my diploma movie.

We started working in August 2012. Developing story, plots and new characters, first scripts. At the and of the year we happily received funding from Polish Film Institute. 

Production will take a while...The whole fun, animation and post production is yet to come but - it's on!!!

More information (in polish) you can find on  http://animoonstudio.com/pl/filmy/bear-me

First illustration is one of the set designs for first episode.

Second -  few rough sketches of Lili, just to remember the character :)