środa, 11 marca 2015

Best greetings from da Boat City

Pozdrowienia z Łodzi!

The name of the city I came from is Lodz (Łódź) which in Polish means boat. So - best greetings from Lodz! :)

btw - Lodz is in the center of Poland. The closest access to the see is about 5h drive from here... 

wtorek, 10 marca 2015

Cooking with Lili

Hey! Long time no see!

'Today I will tell you how to cook a romantic dinner for two'  - Lili. Have you seen episode 11 of Bear Me series?

niedziela, 15 lutego 2015

wtorek, 14 października 2014

Lilis album

 In every episode there are 11 different illustrations/ Lilis photos from her private album ;) (on the end credits) So after 13 episodes there will be 143 photos :)

This illustrations are from  6th episode Bear Me series.

wtorek, 7 października 2014

środa, 24 września 2014

The Bear on spanish bench

Ha! My friend Marlenka just sent me a photo from holiday. Why a bench? Took me few minutes to solve this mystery... I drew on the photo to save your time

Thanks Marlenka, have a nice vacation! 

wtorek, 1 lipca 2014

International Dog's Day

So apparently today is the international day of dogs. For this occasion - George, a little nasty dog of miss Pumpkin.

And did you know that on 27th of May was the European Neighbor's Day? I didn't give anything to miss Pumpkin...

wtorek, 3 czerwca 2014

Evening with Lili and the bear

Yeah, tough evening. Still drawing illustrations for the end credits... Passed 99 picture.. Just 44 more to finish. Lili I hate you.

piątek, 11 kwietnia 2014

Lilis World

Today I run into some idea. To create Lili's World.

Actually, I've already done it, by creation Bear Me. But now, after three years together I have a feeling Lili is little bit out of control, like she's kind of expended to the real world. Anyway, let's see what she's got!

To be updated best check Bear Me on Facebook

czwartek, 27 marca 2014

New York episode

Yoooy, just a few more days and we will finish the animation for Bear Me series... Hard core time for me and all team. Last episode to animate is 07_New York. Lots of spectacular backgrounds, demanding but interesting and funny to draw :)