wtorek, 17 grudnia 2013

'Bear me' Short

We're slooowly preparing for the Internet premiere of 'Bear me' Short. For this occasion (?) I want to say sth...

Besides of a great technical support from Filmaka, many individuals participate in the success of the bear story:
Anna Matacz– one of the best producers I know. Fully professional, motivating, involved, pushing things forwards.
Karol Obara – a brilliant musician, composer of the music for 'Bear me' Short. He understands. (For me, as a person who can't verbalize the music, Karol was my godsend) Dziękuję Karol.
For a great help, just before 'Bear me' little premiere in Animation Institute screaning room, in a Split Second, I want to thank Sascha Gedert for editing and rendering the movie, and Goddi, for an awesome fart sound :)

My first fart joke

In compositing the movie, I took a few valuable lessons from Ore the Orson Peleg, the amazing tv flickering, and fx by Felix Buccela and Johannes Peter (tv scene). The beautiful meatballs were fully animated by fully vegetarian – Alex Herrmann

Ali meet ball animation

Animation support, an awesome animator Paul Cichon.

Scene animated by Paul Cichon
Julia Ocker, who help me with coloring scenes at the last moment. And the Holly Hogler for a technical support, rebulding my computer, for the whole collection of a costiumes for Any Ocassion, best cookies and the wildest parties :) Thanks Holger!
Thank you all, students of AI I have a pleasure to meet on my bear way. For all your feedback, danke, dziękuję, muchos gracias and happy new year!