środa, 17 kwietnia 2013

'Bear me' for president!

Crazy week for 'Bear me'!!!

Little bear won Jury's Prize Festival int. Du court metrage, Cergy-Pointoise in France - http://www.grizzly-studio.com/drupal/?q=node%2F229&fb_action_ids=10152265770604897&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=timeline_og&action_object_map={%2210152265770604897%22%3A146267158885040}&action_type_map={%2210152265770604897%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map
and Best Animated Film on 15th international Filmfestival of the Filmacademy in Viena - http://2013.filmfestivalwien.com/
and Best Animated Short on Cleveland International Film Festival! - http://www.clevelandfilm.org/about/awards

Even more crazy is that 'Bear me' after Cleveland has chance to be nominated to Oskar! Keep your little fingers crossed!

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