wtorek, 12 marca 2013


...or sorryboards as my friend Kulkin used to say.

 So I started to draw sorryboards for 'Bear me' series.
 It's funny as hell, seriously. After drawing 200 shot you just laugh...

Still, I have pure joy from 'reanimation' my characters. So many new
adventures, situations, cheesy moments (I love cheesy moments!) :)

I work on scripts and storyboards with two great guys Grześ Wacławek,
producer of the series and Michał Poniedzielski, our script director
whose wicked sense of humor keeps us alive :) 

I already wrote you sth about 'Bear me' series.. and I think I can tell
you that a new character appear in the story. It's Miss Dyniak, the neighbor
of Lili and bear. She isn't, to put it mildly, the biggest fan of the bear...
More about series soon :)
Stay Tuned!

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