czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2012

work in progres

Those are few pages of my sketch book with rough plans of scenes and animation.
There were tones of projects... in one point I could draw Lili and the bear with left hand and closed eyes.
Neee, I'm kidding but still, a lot of drawings were made.

wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2012

storyboard - first sketches

...the beginnings of the long story, working on storyboard and script with the great help of professor Andreas Hykade

Development of the characters

The first sketches of Lili and the Bear - Poland, 2009.

Yeah, as you see the year of 'Bear me' production is 2012, so it took me a loooong time from the idea to the final result.
First steps were made during consultations with professor Piotr Dumała

środa, 18 kwietnia 2012

... but let me start from the begining...

... once upon a time a girl met a bear.

Hi, my name is Kasia Wilk and I made a movie...
This blog is about my diploma animated short - 'Bear me'.
The movie was realized in Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg during student exchange program from my home school PWSTViT in Lodz.

'Bear me' - 5'30"
Real. - Kasia Wilk
Prod. Ania Matacz
Copyrights Filmakademie Baden - Württenberg, 2012